High School Zones Driving Property Price Growth










The game has changed, the property market is now more complex with the demographic change in Australia and overseas migration shifting the housing requirements of the ‘average’ Australian.

With cashed up migrants wanting to secure the best education for their children, school zones in suburbs such as McKinnon, Bentleigh, Balwyn and Glen Waverley are in high demand driving prices up substantially. Check out this article on domain.com for more info on this phenomenon.

This has been a recurring theme over the last few years and we are always keeping an eye out for the right project within the main school zones. However, the properties must be family suitable with larger two bedroom and three bedroom apartments preferred.

A valuation from a respected firm to set the prices is also vital, being a location with so much hype and demand, it is important to ensure you are buying at the right price.

This is the reason we are so happy to provide a high quality project within the fastest growing of these school zones. Parts of the suburb of Bentleigh are within the McKinnon School zone and are performing at fantastic levels (parts are actually outperforming McKinnon itself as they are closer to the shopping and entertainment hub of Centre Road).

External - 2125 Nicholson, BentleighClick here for more information on this great project

P.S This sensation has been occurring for longer in the UK and many parents are trying to dodge the system by using fake addresses which has not gone unnoticed in Melbourne. Schools are now much stricter on who they allow to attend their school with demand increasing.