At Nyko Property, we know that successful property investment is always approached via solid market research. Hard as it might be, emotions must be put aside – giving you the chance to view an investment opportunity dispassionately on its own merits. Facts, figures and trends must be analysed to identify a high performing asset.

Nyko Property offers investors the chance to harness our hard-won property market skill and research expertise when locating a suitable investment property. The pace of everyday life means that few people have the time to spend trawling through data, identifying property that has the credentials to perform and fit into their overall investment plan.

Working alongside our business partners, Nyko Property offers you the information required to make an educated investment. Nyko Property do not believe that any one kind of property is superior – which is surprising to some investors initially. Our experience tells us that the property’s location and price dictates its success as an investment– rather than the kind of property it is i.e. apartment, house or townhouse. When someone is strongly recommending one genre of property over another, it is often because of a vested interest in that investment type.

Personal preferences for location and property type should be put to one side when purchasing for investment. Let the facts and statistics relevant to the property’s location dictate the property type and market price.

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