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Nyko Property says advisers seeking greater surety of investment suitability and impartiality

23 April 2014; Leading property research advisory firm, Nyko Property, said the increasing use of property in SMSFs and other investment portfolios was leading to a spike in demand for single property research reports.

Nyko Property is a leading property research advisory firm with a 100% focus on new Melbourne investment properties. It specialises in sourcing pre-sale properties and developing in-depth research reports, which are used by the advice and accounting industries to select investment properties for their clients.

Director Bill Nikolouzakis said the number of advisers seeking independently researched direct investment properties had increased significantly since FOFA regulations were announced.

“We have been operating since 2008 and have worked with more than 200 financial advisers, accountants and intermediaries to source and research the best investment opportunities for their clients. Approximately 36 per cent of these investments are for SMSF portfolios.

“In 2012-2013 financial year, we saw a 47 per cent increase in sales. The current financial year has seen a further 22 per cent increase, with two months still to go. Additionally, we have also seen a 21 per cent increase in sales referred by financial services firms in comparison with agents.

“We believe much of this growth is largely in response to regulatory changes. Advisers are seeking impartiality when it comes to selecting investments for their clients. And our research reports provide this impartiality through independent valuation and pricing and depth of insight that advisers and their clients value and expect.

Mr Nikolouzakis said a focus on macro trends, independent valuations and quality residential and commercial properties will help advisers ensure property investment recommendations were in the best interests of clients.

“At Nyko, we identify key growth areas through constant research of the planning policies of state and local authorities together with market trends. Melbourne is the fastest growing city in Australia. In 2011-12, the most recent data available, Melbourne grew by around 1,500 people per week. If the current trend continues, Melbourne will overtake Sydney as the most populated city in Australia by 2035.

“Due to the rising population and change in demography, the Victorian State Government introduced a structured plan in 2000 to cater for the city at five million residence. This plan, which has recently been updated, is designed to better manage metropolitan growth by among other things making better use of existing transport links and locating new links in planned growth areas.

“What this gives us, is a plan that pinpoints the parts of Melbourne that will experience the highest growth in population as well as infrastructure improvement. This, along with an intimate knowledge of the local market conditions, allows Nyko Property to select locations within the key suburbs that will experience the maximum amount of growth and continuing strong demand for rental.”

Mr Nikolouzakis said all properties sourced are brand new and include significant depreciation benefits that materially enhance the investment return.

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